Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a blessing friends are!

Dear Family and Friends,

What a blessing friends are!

And how helpful communication technology can be!

I feel much more hopeful tonight. The input of a handful of our doctor/friends whose views I asked directly, (and a friend also asked her doctor/friend from out of state) about radiation has given Francis and me a new awareness of its potentially great benefits -- IF that's what's called for. So we are open to learning more, and it's coming soon.
Dr. Roger Inhorn told Francis today that he expects a preliminary report on Francis' second biopsy sometime tomorrow.

Francis' new pain patch has been doubled in strength so he's definitely more comfortable now though he's still more comfortable reclining. One walk to the nurse's station was enough for him today. But he looked so good tonight it's hard to believe something's going on.

I brought him some popcorn and a box of raisins tonight to help prevent a second round of constipation which the meds cause. I deliberately make extra to share at the nurse's station.

Egg # 4 & Francis and the Chickens

One of the chickens laid the fourth egg today! Ken's eyes lit up when I gave it to him and his wife Laurie Birmingham who live across the street. They're our key "chicken helpers" along with other neighbors who check on the pullets now and then to be sure all is well. Ken closes the pop door at night.

As recently as three or fewer weeks ago Francis loved to open the pop door in the morning! Even though to save him time I would pick some greens the night before, he enjoyed taking pruners out to pick extra big leaves of comfrey himself to feed to the chickies. Sometimes it coincided with my going to the bathroom. What fun to watch him bending over to stick his head into the pop door opening baby-talking the chickens on their perch to hop down and come out and play. And do they ever! They're especially frisky in the morning running and jumping and even flying inside the roomy run, and, if we didn't bring food, cackling and singing for it.

Francis gets a kick out of this, and even just watching them. One day when he was feeling down with pain he poured himself a glass of wine and sat in a picnic chair in front of the coop's run just to watch these very social, entertaining creatures.

Good night dear friends, and thank you for your prayers!


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