Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Need your prayers TOMORROW!! Wed Oct 7!

Dear Family and Friends,

Even though I'm almost too tired to be writing this, I'm emailing anyway to ask for your prayers -- good vibes etc tomorrow mornng between 8 and 8:45 am. Focus them on Francis' doctor.

Dr. Inhorn, Francis' oncologist gave me a report today. He said they're "pretty sure Francis has cancer." But it's such a rare kind of cancer whose exact diagnosis still eludes them, that he sent it to Harvard University to get their consensus. Which of the 20 kinds of already rare sarcoma could it be?

If in two days they don't have a diagnosis, he'd be ready to do radiation, because he knows radiation would help no matter what kind of cancer it is. We accepted that, even though, except for 3 wobbly trips to the bathroom, Francis is now reduced to a fully supine position day and night. Even with all the meds, sitting up to eat is too painful to do.

But a long talk tonight with a very knowledgeable friend helped Francis and me grasp the whole situation with new eyes. So I plan to telephone Dr. Inhorn tomorrow to urge him to act NOW.

So after my bath and some relaxing yoga, I'll review my prepared notes preparing for that 8:00 am call.

I know your prayers will move our doctor to act. As our friend said, "Your doctor is right
there. He just needs a little nudge. That nudge is your energy focused on Dr. Inhorn tomorrow,
either at that time or when I can reach him.

Two more things: Because Francis is functionally impaired, my willing, loving services are needed from morning till night. So Lynn (Rowan's mom, -- remember?) is in the process of organizing a meal brigade for Francis and me. Details to follow soon.

Secondly, right now I've had no time to read any emails. I expect things will ease up once Lee
(Rowan's dad) helps us use technology to pay bills -- something Stephanie offered too, by the
way...Thanks dear Stephanie!) But IF YOU WANT ME TO READ SOMETHING IMPORTANT I
NEED TO KNOW, WRITE IN THE SUBJECT LINE: READ THIS. I will indeed read all emails
later when Francis gets relief from his debilitating pain. He's a sweetheart, still so patient! But we must get him pain relief as soon as possible. Being disabled as he is is very risky!

Much much gratitude,

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