Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct 3 Sat Whale Sightings

No Results Yet & Whale Watching

Dear Family and Friends,

The "preliminary results" of the biopsy expected yesterday did not come in! Sigh! To prepare him for coming home the nurses are using oral meds and pain patches tripled in doses now so he can be more active. Yet all he could still manage was one walk yesterday and two today.

Even if, highly medicated as he is (as niece/nurse Jane noticed when she called him, --- Francis used "slurry words," -- he hasn't lost his sense of humor. He told me when he awoke during the night he felt as if he were out at sea whale watching. His roommate's snoring (He weighs 306 pounds) reminded him of whales, or sounded like walruses. It's a story he used to cheer up over the phone a long time friend from out of state who is distraught about Francis' predicament.

Picking up a Second Hopeful Clue

Whether Francis' treatment plan will call for radiation or not, as I hope we'll learn on Monday, I just learned a second thing about palliative radiation: not only that it can offer significant relief of pain, but, as Francis' nurse told us tonight, people who get "hospice palliative radiation" can live for many years.

I'm so eager for Francis to be freed of pain enough to live a normal life. Finding relief only in a reclined position, -- even with meds !! -- is no way to live.

I DIDN'T EGGSPECT IT (as John Wirtz would say), -- But the chickie pullets laid not one but two eggs in a coop corner today! So I brought them both to the hospital to share with Francis.


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