Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I want him to fly

Dear Family and Friends,

These last six days have been very trying. A nurse friend who does end of life care called it a "pain crisis," compounded by the usual side effects. Often we've thought of people less privileged than we, people who don't have insurance or friends to help them, let alone those in war torn countries or depressed areas even in our country! How can they bear the suffering of bone cancer without the help and resources Francis and I have?!

(See what Stephanie has set up: To join the community of helpers, -- go to http://www.lotsahelpinghands.com/c/619101/

Yet, when even with all these resources provided by flesh and blood angels coming to our rescue with all manner of support, the battle against cancer is wearing.

I had a good conversation with Dr. Inhorn today and Francis' VNA nurse and doctor friends about how to manage the pain crisis. All agree that Dr. Inhorn's prescribing decadron beginning tomorrow -- a steroid that will alleviate the hard edges of the medications' side effects -- should help Francis and bring back his smile.

We hope and trust the small signs of progress will fulfill their promise. Already, this morning, in spite of yesterday's desperately challenging day, Francis felt a new kind of ease in walking. Before I knew it, instead of waiting for me at the foot of the side entrance stairs, so we could go to his daily radiation treatment, he was walking down the incline toward the car with his arms out like an airplane..

I want him to fly.


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  1. I want him to fly, too. He will. We'll get that ankle swelling down!