Friday, October 16, 2009

Diagnosis finally came

Dear Family and Friends,

The diagnosis -- "a tough call," -- finally came today. The pathologists at both Mass. General and in Portland (both hospitals) believe it's an osteosarcoma, a primary cancer of the bone. It's "unusual looking...not typical." Because of the "uncertainty," the Boston pathologists would like to get more tissue, but we're glad Dr. Inhorn said "This is good enough for me." Another supportive doctor friend said "We want help, not perfection."

Francis had five radiation treatments in the last five days. Four more are planned Mon through Thurs next week plus another "mapping session" at the radiation center in Scarborough ME so that the application of radiation can be administered at different angles to minimize damage to surrounding organs and tissues. The good news is that this kind of cancer is "very radiation sensitive." So our hope is that they can get it all. And this is a hope and trust bolstered by your ... -- as Sue Ewing put it so sweetly, -- "praying and vibing!"

The "Cooking for Cancer Prevention" class I went to last night also gave me a lot of hope. Lisa Silverman's presentation made perfect sense to me. As she spoke, two cooks besides Lisa were preparing five macrobiotic dishes we participants sampled at the end, -- absolutely delicious. One of the two chefs opened the presentation with her own story of how macrobiotics brought her (unbelieving even as she tried it) back to life.

Thank you all dear friends for your cards and prayers and emails and for your assistance expressed in many forms! A new neighbor Chris whom I barely met once or twice as he passed by when I welcomed him and his wife into our neighborhood actually signed up on the Favors Brigade! How did he even know about Francis? Was it you who told him, Jeff? He came over last night while I was at the cooking class (and while Melora prepared Francis' small supper and massaged his feet and did the dishes....) Chris cut down the frostbitten pole bean vines and emptied more rain barrels. I have yet to talk with him face to face.

Your heartfelt expressions of concern move us deeply!


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