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Sing to Me and I Will Hear You Reviews

Merry Hall, author of Bringing Food Home: The Maine Example, posted the following review on the Portland Maine Permaculture Meetup website in June 2012:

Our Elaine McGillicuddy dedicates her book of poems, Sing to Me and I Will Hear You, to her recently departed and much beloved husband thus:
For Francis
who knew how to
“surrender to Mystery”
Elaine, too, surrenders to the Mystery that unfolds when a poet stands naked at the intersection of specific personal experience and universal Love. She opens her grief at losing Francis to death and her joy at finding him embraced by eternal Life.
By now your spinal cancer pain
has chained you to your bed.
I floss your teeth;
I help you pee.
And what do you say to me?
"O, what a wonderful moment this is!
My beloved’s here with me.
You look good, you feel good,
and you are so good to me.”
O Francis dear - What sweetness!
What love and brave acceptance!
You’re forever seared upon my soul.
What a gift! I am simultaneously humbled and inspired in the face of such love. With her poem:
Pain’s sharp edge
cuts through appearance
of disappearance.
Heart’s remembering sharpens
sense to touch
new, you, now, any when.
Elaine reveals that I, too, can experience transcendence if I will only surrender to the immediacy of my emotions so deeply that I have only to dive in. The intimacy is astounding; the immediacy is breathtaking.
It is when we thus surrender that the poetry we co-create with the Universe washes through us unbidden, healing reader and writer alike:
These Poems
--custom-made maps
 carefully drawn
By the Cartographer
Offering to show me
My way.
These poems
--like bells ringing out
my truth, resounding
through the clouds and darkness, guide
me home.

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