Monday, August 29, 2011

Two Bits of Good News

Dear Family and Friends,

Some of you know that in recent weeks I’ve had bouts with fatigue and other physical symptoms of enough concern for my doctor to have ordered hip Xrays, an EKG and several blood tests, one of which was a Lyme’s Disease test. As a result I had to absent myself from the annual McGillicuddy family reunion in NB Canada.

Aware my symptoms might have been caused by my irregular circadian rhythm, esp. since Francis’ death, as well as the intensity of receiving and working with 60 poems in 41 weeks on the emotional subject dealing with loss of a spouse, I changed my schedule and pace, all of which are restoring my energy.

So when Dr. Katz called me this morning to report on the last two of seven tests, (He was Francis’ doctor first) I wasn’t surprised to hear they confirm I’m in very good health. And I feel it today, energized also by how easily my detailed outline for the Memoir is coming along.

Good news # 2:

Not only are there 55 poems ready for publication (set aside awaiting the completion of the Memoir, the first part) - the one book will also include a CD of my reading the poems.

David, (publisher & friend) loves the idea of the CD, to be sold with or without the book. I told him this idea came from our gifted parish choir director Sue Proulx who took me aside a few months ago urging me to do it. It occurred to her, she said, when her newly widowed friend found consolation listening to this eight minute radio of Carolyn Barnwell interviewing me on my grieving process:

Thank you for your concern about my health. I assured Dr. Katz that writing the Memoir should be less challenging emotionally. My Reader/Copy-editor Mike had called the task of assembling a poet’s final manuscript – “harrowing.” So, even aside from the subject matter, there’s basis among real poets for what this newbie has gone through.

Trusting in your continued prayer for me,