Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Counting My Blessings

Dear Family and Friends,

When I awoke this morning (on Francis’ side of the bed) I watched the pale light of a new day gradually brightening outside our bedroom windows.

With this photo (below) sent me yesterday by our longtime photographer friend, Jan Born, I’ve been recalling how proud we all felt two years ago when Francis had summoned the energy to go with me to my cousin George’s and Heidi’s home for Thanksgiving dinner - only one month and 12 days before he died.

With this year’s Thanksgiving in mind, I began to count my blessings. They are not just the poems that came in the last year, nor the CD of my reading them (both of which are now at the publisher’s) . . .But - my blessings are my friends!

I began to think of many of you individually, how each one’s kindness, goodness and uniqueness has gifted me. And - having had dinner with my niece last week, and talked on the phone with Jo, my sister-in-law, last night - this includes family too.

Though I lay there alone, I did not at all feel alone. Even as I wrote this, a frisky chickadee got my attention, and so brought me company - by knocking. I thought for a moment someone was at the glass door near this computer. In trying to get at some chickadee-food, s/he was vigorously pecking at a thick grape vine hanging over the trellis outside.

So I just want you to tell you this - For your unique and supportive relationship with me - each one - I give heartfelt Thanks - giving!