Sunday, September 25, 2011

News Triggered By Friends

Dear Family and Friends,

When I started receiving “Happy Birthday” wishes from friends this morning – even, to my delight, from Francis’ and my friend from the past, Alfred DePew – I wrote a response to post on my “Wall” in Facebook which I rarely use. But it must have been too long, since it wouldn’t “take.” So here it is, now expanded, for all of you. Posted as a link to Facebook ought to work for me this time. It became the trigger to share, sooner than I expected,

this news:

But first of all – (I like to use Francis’ expression) - “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” for the birthday greetings! After celebrating Lee’s birthday yesterday with Lynn and (godchild) Rowan by going on a whale watch with several of their friends (increasingly becoming my friends) and then later having dinner, cooked by Lee, at their home, I was feted too by my home-made family.

My birthday joy today (76 now) consists in the following: Four days ago, right here in this yoga living room where Francis’ hospice bed sat - with the help of recording engineer, Chris Mega - I read all 60 of the poems which came to me within the past year, (thank you Francis!) This means I will soon deliver to my publisher, David Gawlik, not only the “master” to create the CD of the poetry reading, but the final poetry manuscript for book # 1 –

Sing To Me And I Will Hear You

The Poems

Another bit of news: Because our six sweet chickens began eating their own eggs, I gave them to a permaculture friend who loves chickens. Integrated with her own flock and able to “free range” there on the farm, they’re less likely to eat their own eggs. I miss them, but I’m grateful I won’t have to shovel my path to the coop when snow arrives. This chicken-less hiatus until next April when I’ll get new chicks for Rowan in time for her 8th birthday, will also give me seven months of extra writing time. I’ve already started working on book #2 –

Sing To Me And I Will Hear You

The Memoir.

Full of gratitude and joy.

PS Who left a “singing telegram” on my answering machine? I can’t quite detect the voice behind that lovely birthday greeting.