Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Decisions

Dear Family and Friends,

Our day was brightened by two visits today, -- Lynn, Lee and Rowan's weekly visit and Dottie Smith's regular "Therapeutic Touch" treatment visit. Both were perfectly timed because they coincided with two decisions we made.

After coming down with a different kind of GI problem myself, (due to fatigue?) I acknowledged to Francis this morning that we need more help than volunteers can provide. We cannot abuse their generosity to cover all our needs. Lee is our Financial Power of Attorney as well as most reliable helper, -- as generous as Lynn is. So it was good to discuss this with both of them.

Our first decision is this: We will most gratefully continue to accept some help from the "Lotsahelpinghands" offered us, but with the holidays here, and winter, and other people likely needing "lotsahelpinghands" themselves, our decision to hire someone to come for an hour or more every day is helping me breathe more easily already.

The second decision came after Dottie asked Francis how his spirit is doing. Dottie is a nurse who got her PhD in Therapeutic Touch. She studied with a top authority on TT -- Dorothy Kreiger (if that's correctly spelled; no time to check, excuse me please.) When Francis said "fair" (even though the bowel problem has begun resolving itself in the last 2-3 days) and I told Dottie we had thought of joining some kind of group -- and did she have a suggestion -- without any hesitation she said: "Yes -- Dr. Ken Hamilton's weekly H.O.P.E gatherings in Portland for cancer patients." Hearing that we spontaneously let out a kind of sigh of great gratitude to Dottie.

Not only that but Dottie who knows Dr. Hamilton personally emailed him, -- and he will come and visit Francis on Tuesday in our home!!! What a blessing! So many blessings are showered on us! Supportive helpful friends, apprenticeship in macrobiotic cooking through meals from Meg Wolff herself, and now this!!

I wish I had the energy to write more about both Dottie's therapeutic touch treatments and our visit with Lynn, Lee & Rowan. But I will say this: I never before "felt" the warmth of flowing healing energy before when getting some of these treatments, but Dottie's touched me palpably!

It was heartwarming watching Rowan interacting with Francis about a book she likes (She's 5) and Lynn putting up insulating plastic over our bow window, and Lee looking over papers for us. But I need to listen to my own body which will no longer tolerate pushing through fatigue to get things done. I must now practice what I preach! ;o)

Full of hope,

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