Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Smooth Moving

Dear Family and Friends,

I want to reassure you, -- though his steps are short, his posture bowed a bit, and loss of weight visible, it's been smooth moving for Francis since yesterday morning. After acupuncture today he drew my attention to how much energy he had, -- how long he was able to go without needing a nap. When I told him how good it is to see him smile again, esp. since last Thursday, he explained: "It was just a down spirit in keeping with what was going on. (The GI tract dysfunction) I'm glad I'm negotiating all the curves, and doing a little reading in the meantime. "

It's been smooth moving for us in other ways too. Originally, Francis had found the barley grass drink (Green Magma which comes in a powder) too unpalatable unless I mixed it with carrot juice. Since I won't push him on anything, I put it aside.

Same thing with the Smooth Move (Senna) herbal stimulant laxative tea. Though at first he said he liked the flavor, and it even worked for him, -- later on he didn't drink it, so aside it went too, -- in the fridge.

Then two days ago I figured I'd drink it myself since the smell was appealing, and I figured because it wasn't hot, it wouldn't do much anyway. Was I surprised when it cleaned me out!! Three times. That tea works!

So tonight I brought it up again: "To keep ahead of 'those pesky bowels,' (as a cancer survivor friend calls them,) -- what do you want? Smooth Move herbal tea which I assure you work?!!! Or do you want suppositories and enema when the problem occurs next time?" Well, he not only chose Smooth Move tea but liked it once again, and easily downed it!

Tonight also, after telling him what Connie, his macrobiotic counselor told me over the phone this afternoon, -- that barley grass juice is very alkalizing, that the chlorophyll gives a big boost, and that it helps rid the body of radiation toxins, he asked to try it again, without carrot juice to camouflage it this time. And he found it perfectly acceptable by itself!!

In fact, when I inquired yesterday about the turkey dinner "doggie bag" he had originally wanted to bring home, since it was using up space in the upstairs freezer, Francis told me he had lost his interest in it for now! That's what I'm doing with foods that don't fit his current need for the healing diet his body is accepting, -- freezing them for a future day.

But for now he's genuinely enjoying the fare, like the miso soup I made fresh for him tonight, and the rice porridge he had for breakfast made from rice cooked in the pressure cooker. Now I can understand why they say once you've had it cooked this way there's no turning back.

I must now smooth move along so I can get enough sleep.


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