Thursday, December 10, 2009

The latest skirmish

Dear Family and Friends,

The subject of this email may be restricted to adults.

To summarize this third round of the skirmish with the bowels (which happens roughly every 4-5 days,) tonight after we both collapsed in a two hour nap, (after a before-supper nap,) I thought of -- "Wrestling with Goliah," or "Battered but Victorious" as the subject for this email.

Why so? Because after being forced to stay up from 3 to 5 am two nights ago, and occupied with it (the skirmish) much of yesterday and today (until the successful final-for-now evacuation and calm by late bedtime,) -- Francis and I felt like punch drunk boxers who've been in the ring too many times. Even patient Francis admitted, "The bowels are exhausting!"

His physical therapy progress is set back by these challenges, but he bravely starts over again.

I cut up my oversized worn teeshirts at first because old fashioned diapers are better for the environment, but I drove out in the storm yesterday morning to get "Depends" supplies after all. And thank heavens for this human energy saver which also helps the sufferer relax -- an important element for success.

I'm aware of a wider world outside our haven here, and I can understand better than ever the suffering endured everywhere, -- but I recognize this is my calling right now: To be here for him is to be here for me too, and for the wider world itself.

Now off to bed again,

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