Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So much joy and gratitude

Dear Family and Friends,

I can't do justice to the depth of joy and happiness Francis and I feel coming home buoyed up by the loving support of such good friends! All of it is so deeply appreciated: the new egg crate mattress Anne left for Francis, Susannah's and Nicki's assisting him up the incline where he slowly climbed the five stairs to our side door, Nicki's cooking supper for us and both of them helping us further understand how to work his new "Sub-Cu Infusion" PCA machine to which he's tethered. He needs assistance carrying it around since to him right now "It's like weight lifting!" But I'm eager and ready for sheer joy it's working for him!

Thank you for sharing your own joy in ours! Some of you are quite eloquent! I wish I had time to quote your insightful, even exhuberant comments! -- but I must finish putting things away so we're organized for tomorrow. The VNA nurse is coming, and what a relief not to have to hurry out to a radiation treatment! We expect follow-up appointments with both Francis' radiology oncologist and his medical oncologist Dr. Inhorn. Then there's an acupuncture appointment coming up, and several other alternative therapies in the wings.

I firmly believe the love and prayers and good vibes and healing energy we're both receiving will melt whatever is left of Francis' cancer which Dr. Villiotte admitted the radiation cannot completely "get."

As one friend put it so well: "For now, you both have worked with the many miracles that medicine has to offer and can “come home” to deep healing which love and beauty can provide."


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