Thursday, November 19, 2009

Report from visit with oncologist

Dear Family and Friends,

Our visit with Dr. Inhorn today was very productive. He believes Francis' need in the last four days or so to spit gelatinous mucous almost constantly when he's up, is due to a backup of gastric juices and being all plugged up.

We learned that even though very little food is taken in, the body produce a lot of gastric juices. So Francis does indeed need help to overcome constipation, no matter how little he eats. And once that's taken care of, he's likely to eat more!

So we need to "push fluids," -- and, because he was restricted on fluids in the past (to keep the sodium up,) Dr. Inhorn prescribed a medication to keep the sodium up, -- so those fluids can flow. And there was another prescription too, -- etc. etc.

The benefits of radiation are expected to materialize in good time. There's no talk of chemotherapy. Not only are the risks too high "for an octogenarian, even one in good shape," Dr. Inhorn said with a smile, -- chemo for osteosarcoma is not likely to work anyway.

So the plan is to free Francis from unpleasant symptoms. "We're comfortable with that," Francis adds. I am too. Our prayer is for him to be pain free without lots of meds, and to regain normal body functions.

Then our hope for a long life for him (Remember his aunt Irene who died 2 months short of 105) -- depends on healing from lifestyle choices, and love and light, and prayer and joy in community. And taking action in this world as his strength allows.

Elaine, -- so happy to see Francis at my side looking much better tonight!

PS I know it's late, but he had a nap this evening.

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