Thursday, November 26, 2009

5th Reason also a surprise

Dear Family and Friends,

(Just returned from my bath:) How could I have forgotten TODAY?!!

Yes, going to cousin George Remy's home in Gorham to share the Thanksgiving meal he and Heidi and Charlie prepared this year (We alternate years) was special indeed!

Charlie was home from Grad School at Simmons. He's getting his MA this month in Library Science so it was interesting catching up with George and Heidi and talking about Charlie's job prospects and the excellent one hour radio interview on the subject of asperger in which he recently participated:

It also gave Francis another chance to get a change of scenery, you know, -- not just being cooped up ;o) with me all the time! ;o)

What's surprising is that Francis called George a few days ago to tell him that in no way could he make it for Thanksgiving. So we had planned a quiet day with a friend volunteering to bring a casserole and tofurkey. But after yesterday's escapade at the Thai restaurant, Francis called George again to say he could!! What joy!

The surprising part was doubled, however, because yesterday afternoon after Francis' call saying we could come, I was beginning to get a sore throat. But I applied the full remedies I know of to nip a sore throat in the bud: -- lots and lots of sleep and water and Virastop, Echinaecia, gargling listerine, and sucking on a half clove of garlic cut on two sides... Along with these, the key for me is mainly to stop when fatigue hits. And if sleep is difficult, -- SAVASANA, a most deep restorative practice. It releases tension from within. By nighttime, but clearly by morning, I knew I had nipped it in the bud, and sure enough, there's no trace of a sore throat today. The letting go did its magic.

So I'm off to sleep right now. And when Francis awakens (He's been sleeping for over an hour,) we'll start his night ablutions before we both give thanks for this very special Thanksgiving Day with the Remys.


PS The hens continue to be joy and fun, even the work in caring for them. Three of them were sitting on the perch in the outside run this morning. Three of the six lined up close, one of each color, -- red, white and black, Sadie, Nelli and Midnight, it was a striking sight. And their eggs are the very best!

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