Monday, September 28, 2009

Big news on another front

Dear Friends,
A delightful event that cheered both Francis and me happened yesterday in the midst of a challenging day awaiting the biopsy results.

In mid-afternoon I heard a huge racket in the outside run of the chicken coop. Only 25 feet from the deck's opened screened door, I caught sight and sound of unusual display! I looked to see what the fuss was about. (Sounded as if a bobcat was threatening them.) But amazingly, -- I heard a big swoosh as they flew up to the top of the run (over 6') -- in unison!! Not only that but they kept up their LOUD ....what do you call it? It's not really clucking. Was it cackling? Singing?

Stacey Collins had told us in her excellent Backyard Hens 101 course that when they lay eggs they make a racket...yes a "racket" is what it was. So I checked the nest boxes newly lined the day before with fresh pine shavings, and guess what! There inside one of the two nest boxes was a beautiful perfectly formed egg! Not misshapen as I read it could be until they "get the hang of it," -- but perfect! Probably small to medium sized, sort of tan colored. It had to come from one of the red or black sex links hens, since two are Americaunas and will produce, we're told, colored eggs -- "Easter Egger hens." Our sweet chickies are still pullets of course, only 20 weeks old until they turn 21 weeks old on Thursday.

What happened to the egg? I called Lynn to tell Rowan who might want to come see it. But then I knew what should be done with that first egg! I fried it -- with its beautiful double yoke! -- and brought it to Francis at the hospital. He savored all of it -- the most delicious egg he ever ate!

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