Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apprehension and Joy

Dear Family and Friends,

Though a different chicken laid a small, perfect firmly shaped egg on this lovely day, I feel some apprehension tonight. I pray the second biopsy Dr. Agren will perform tomorrow afternoon to get a bigger sample can be gotten with the simpler rather than the more intrusive approach.

My apprehension comes also from Dr. Agren's mentioning radiation, if the nature of the tissue warrants it. We've heard the term bandied about. In general it sounds less bad than "chemo" which Francis is inclined to refuse.

But a knowledgeable person told us tonight that radiation can be destructive to the spine, and to the aorta etc. etc.! He also said in future it will be avoided as "primitive." He suggested asking the surgeon -- "Are you quite sure radiation will result in less pressure on the nerves and so reduce my pain? He said he'd refuse if the surgeon can't express that kind of clarity.

His last word of advice was -- to take one step at a time. I need to hear that. But when the results of the biopsy come in -- maybe Friday -- Francis may have that decision to make. Tonight he looked to me for his decision refusing the kyphoplasty tomorrow. So I'd be interested in any relevant experience or reliable information some of you may have on the subject of radiation.

Using the blogspot instead of email will allow me to see responses at a glance instead of having to go through individual emails each of which has to be clicked open, -- even just to read them. Just go to www.elaineandfrancis.blogspot.com Of course that doesn't mean I don't want emails! And if you have a hard time posting a comment, go ahead and send it by email.

But Susannah Sanfilippo who set up the blog and posted everything so far (but I'll take over soon) may give simple directions how to go about it. Probably: Click "Comment" and go on from there. You may have to register. Even I got it after some fumbling when I made three postings on a good friend's blogspot before she died. Go see it now if you're interested: www.marydunn.blogspot.com

Witty email from witty friend

Dear Francis,
From latest reports, chickens (or, if you want to be technical, eggs, double-yolk ones) have come to roost at your room at Mercy Hospital. In common with your made-in-heaven partnership with Elaine, I never once felt hen-pecked in all the years with my dear Mimi. True, once in a while, I might chicken out and let her have her way.
To the point: I understood Elaine to say no visiting for now. Yet her last e-mail suggests otherwise. I'm not one to brood over such things, to suggest fowl play, or to say a plot was being hatched. Still, it sounds like you had a flock of visitors. And, if egged-on, Elaine should know I have a long memory. And, when you next see her, tell her that I don't consider this a yolk.
John Wirtz

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