Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Link for 8 minute interview with Elaine on grieving process

Link for 8 minute radio interview with Elaine on grieving process

Dear Family and Friends,

In 1998 Francis I were subjects for a graduate student’s project for the SALT Center for Documentary Studies in Portland. So when Carolyn Barnwell asked me in late September to do the same on the topic of the grieving process, I agreed. She interviewed me many times at home, even staying overnight once to record my morning prayer-chants. She also came to my yoga class and to the little Chinese Restaurant afterwards where Francis and I used to go, a tradition I keep up.

For the title of her radio story on grieving, it was Carolyn’s idea to use Francis’ words. Explaining that the sense of hearing is the last to go, Francis told me, -- when he was near death -- “Sing And I Will Hear You.”

If you would like to hear this 8 minute radio story, use this link where you can immediately hear it without having to create an account: http://soundcloud.com/carolynbarnwell/sing-and-i-will-hear-you

It is also archived at the Public Radio Exchange where you would need to sign in:


A follow-up: Carolyn emailed this morning (January 21) to say that Public Radio in Seattle, station KUOW, aired it. As a result a woman from Washington state whose husband died last August emailed telling me: “Since his passing, I have mainly wanted to celebrate his continued presence in my life. Your story was the first to validate my way of grieving…..So much of your path with Francis reminds me of ours. Thank you for sharing.”



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